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8 electronic acts from Wales you need to know about

Be sure to add these 8 acts from the land of song to your record box.


Earl Jeffers

Earl Jeffers' music is thorough, rich in sound and is often the embodiment of a summer's sunset. Without doubt, a defining House sound. For more, check his alias Chesus, or label Melange.


Kelly Lee Owens

Hailing from Bagillt, Flintshire, Kelly Lee Owens performs for audiences across the globe. Having already secured the Welsh Music Prize for her album Inner Song, her projects continue to intrigue.


Koreless' talent lies in his ability to make the abstract make sense. His album Agor is full of ambient, electronic and 8-bit sounds - but yet it manages not to sound like any of those. An exciting artist.







It would be difficult for one to listen to Idris without a tapping a foot or bopping a head. One to remember by the Llandrillo man.


It's difficult to find more information about Jina than the few songs by her that are available online, but it's enough when Dagrau Ar Lun is one of those songs. Search for it if you want the sound of the notable synths & accompanying heart-pain lyrics of the 80s.

Jamie Jones

One of the biggest names in the electronic music world - the Caernarfon superstar can be seen at the world's biggest festivals and clubs. And when he's not doing that, he's leaking Wales' football shirts


Elkka continues to make her output essential listening, be it through her own original tracks, or via releases from her label femme culture. Annually, the label releases a compilation album HeForShe by various artists, and raises money for charity whilst doing so.



Brothers Tom and Ed Russell are the beats behind Overmono. Having teamed up under other alises(TR/ER, Meibion) the Overmono project is where they found their groove, and gained many a fan along the way.

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