Belleville 1315 / Machynlleth 1404




Howdy -


A pleasure it is to be asked to cover, promote, and be the general town crier for legendary label Ankst

on their project:



by the artist


















Physical release of the vinyl will be on the 17th of July (Record Store Day), but we could send you some bits if you wanna listen before then x

We asked him if he'd like to give us a mix, and to our delight he agreed!

Here it is, in all its glory, the exclusive mix Ffrancon made for us: 

Here's a little snippet of the press release to give you some idea:


"...Grown out of the chance discovery that Belleville, the birthplace of Detroit techno,

is twinned with the rural Welsh market town of



GWALAXIA, as an album, channels the rebellious spirit of these two places through the medium of electronic music.


...a timely reminder of the beauty, artistry and radical power of techno music"