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Happy Santes Dwynwen Day! On the 25th of January each year, Wales and the Welsh celebrate all things love, and so to celebrate we've hand picked 10 love-ly tracks that have love as their main theme, lovely. Think of it as our digital lovespoon to you, and remember to always practice self-love, especially today. In no particular order then...

1) Daft Punk - Digital Love

Daft Punk was perhaps our first ever love, and this track epitomises the French duo at the height of their theatrical, mighty, pop power. The third track on Discovery released back in 2001, this sounds as fresh as ever.

2) DJ Technics - Girlfriend

I can't quite put my finger on why and how this track keeps coming back to me, all I know is that it just does. It's been at the top of my plays recently - I guess it has that indescribable pull that love has. Hehe.

3) Trans Love Vibration - Eris Drew

Eris Drew was on our first ever monthly playlist, and has been a prominent sound in the Ogof headphones ever since we first heard her. This one's a chilled one, and gives breathing space and reflection time for some self-love.

4) Derrick Carter's Sound Patrol - I'm Sorry (Clairvoyage)

Being prepared to say "I'm Sorry" is essential in any love-based relationship. Now that the tenuous link to 'love' has been sorted, start listening to this shining ornament in The House That Carter Built. I genuinely miss this track if I haven't heard it in a while.

5) Jina - Dagrau Ar Lun

Okay, if the above pushes the parameters of 'love' set out in the title of the piece to the sky, then this track pushes it to the heavens. But I made the rules, and I can meddle with them as much as I'd like, thank you very much. I'm not a hundred percent on the lyrics, but I know that 'Dagrau Ar Lun' translates as 'Tears on a Picture', and what often causes tears? That's right, heartbreak. And in this case, that heartbreak is caused by him choosing to watch Italia '90 at the pub (where they can legally smoke indoors) - having skipped the offer to watch Back to the Future III with her at the cinema. Or whatever they did in 1990. Probably.

6) Flowers - Sweet Female Attitude

Flowers? Brought to me? Via the pouring rain? I luv ewe.

7) Jayda G - Both Of Us

Pure unadulterated right-in-the-happy-feels track, Jayda wrestles with being able and unable to love enough for the both of us. I certainly felt there was enough love to go around the first time I heard this, and I still do today.

8) Frankie Knuckles - Your Love

Because any love-themed list would be incomplete without it, and because it's Frankie Knuckles.

9) For Those I Love - I Have a Love (Overmono Remix)

I was lucky enough to see I Have a Love played live at Green Man Festival in its last outing in 2021, where Overmono played this and I got very excited indeed. The punchy Scottish spoken word over a big ol' stadium atmosphere beat envokes a "Trainspotting soundtrack meets its 2020's electronic son" feeling, and I'm here for it.

10) I Feel Love - Donna Summer

Of course this makes it onto the list. The soundtrack to every montage ever, the sound of the lights coming back on, the makes-you-hug-your-mates tune. I Feel Love indeed.

And there we go - a mish mash love infused motley crew of tunes to help you celebrate the Welsh day of love. Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus!