• Ogof

Lux - Venus Ex Machina

Squeezing droplets, voices, polyphonic swirling drums, grounding bass - all within the space of 2 tracks of Lux, Ogof's album choice for February.

The mathematician-come-producer Venus Ex Machina shows an impressive toolbox of noises, bleeps, and a good dollop of downright eeriness that come together to create a cunningly crafted and meticulously dovetailed collection of tracks.

It is a select few that manage to create tracks that could sit comfortably inside a club as well as stay impressive as experimental soundscapes, and VEM manages to do so - cue Quaraquara. A foggy drum-based touched by acid drips that just, works.

I hesitate to use the tried and tested 'other-worldly' comparisons for music, but here, I find that Mysterium fits the bill - it certainly would work as montage music for a compilation of landing on the grey planet. Talking of grey, a big shoutout to the dashing grey parrot on the cover, the model work is second to none, as is the design of the vinyl as a whole.

Bassline being utilised to its original use of grounding everything gets good use on Lux. Often it is the anchor as tracks like Elephant have the drums swirling around your head.

A special mention also must go to AD93, the label on which this is released. Quickly establishing itself as a strong varied label with a barrowful of exciting artists, they are certainly one to keep tabs on.

All in, a strong album, held together by metallic chains that simultaneously guard and challenge the listener.

If ever there's a chance to experience Venus Ex Machina live - go. I know I'll be there.

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