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You've Got The Whole Night To Go - Logic1000

You've Got The Whole Night To Go is Samantha Poulter aka Logic1000's latest house-driven, acid-tinged, drum-rounded victorious EP. It is a release that marries melancholic melodies with UK garage tinged sounds, electronica with R&B samples, and the squelches of a 303 with an unyielding drumtrack.

Having taken the best aspects of many sides of the musical world, Poulter has achieved to create an EP that has tracks that would sit comfortably on a daytime playlist on Radio 6 (see I Won't Forget), as well as after hours on night time Radio 1 (Medium I'm looking at you). Not only is this bridging of worlds a mean feat in itself, it is often the hallmark of those producers that manage to stand out from the rest in a highly populated landscape.

The dark horse of the EP is Her. An acidic groover that has more than earned its stripes on the dancefloor of my mind. Oh, and it has lots of cowbell on it, which is more than enough reason to revisit it time and again.

Judging by the traction already created by this release, 2021 will be a big year for Logic1000, and it would be a safe bet to place on seeing her on many a future festival line up. There is no doubt that in Logic1000 lives a producer that is attune to their broad musical sensibilities and uses it to their advantage. The result? A sonic pleasure.


Further listening and notes

Listeners of the Ogof December Playlist will have already done so - but if that's not you, then I urge you to listen to 'Perfume'. I. am. obsessed.

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